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We believe in :
Scientific inventions are neither Christian, nor Hindu, nor Buddhist and nor Islamic etc. They are pure sciences. Similarly, wisdom and knowledge of Ancient India is Science of – Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Para-Psychology, Ayurveda (Science of Longevity) and Astrology. These are irrespective of your religion, sect, belief, faith, caste, creed and dogmas or mythology. For example, Yoga is for balancing body & mind-to keep them fit for daily routine. Tantra is a study of Primordial Energy (Maha Shakti) – cause of all the energies (Shakties) of the universe. The method of Tantra taps “Shakti” to overcome the obstacles and fulfill one’s desires-both material & spiritual in this life-span. Meditation is for peace and love. Para-Psychology is to see beyond five senses-to delmit the capacity of our congnitive senses. Ayurveda is the science to keep body young, dynamic & diseaseless for long time-few hundred years or more through herbs and diet habit. We need all this in this life-span. We want total development of a men.

We, therefore, want awakening and perfection (Yoga), success (Astrology-favourableness of stars), optimum pleasure and happiness (Tantra), youthful, dynamic, diseaeless long-life (Ayurveda) and far-sightedness (Para-Psychology). How can one enjoy Life if body and mind is not in proper order. No farsightedness, no dynamism, no youthful vigour, no capability to cross the obstacles & problems can help you if stars are not favourable position. This “Inward” base is necessary for “Outward” life-journey.

n bhaenmaranaya Jivitam me
vihretswasthyamidam c me n rogah;
n c yauvanmaxipejjara me,
n c sampatimapaharedvipatrih.

"I will never die. Disease will not
touch my body. There won't be any
hurt on my youthfullness and misfortune
will not steal my wealth."--vedas

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