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The wisdom passed on to us by ageless MAHARISHI ANGIRA & 2035 years old MAHARISHI MATANG SIDDHASHRAM, TIBET to our Spiritual Master (Guru ji) MAHATANTRAYOGI (TANTRA SCIENTIST) Prof. Dr. Ramesh Paramahamsa ji

About Sowmiya Dinesh

About Our Spiritual Master (Guru ji)


Prof. Dr. Ramesh Paramahamsa, a Spiritual leader of many dimensions is a philogopher, the founder of “Institute of Para-Psychology and Spiritual Researches. New Delhi”, the author of several books, began his search for Absolute Truth and deep knowledge of Para-Vidya from his early age. He has knowledge and proficiency in practical aspects of Yoga-Tantra, Breathing technique (Ajapa Japa), rituals and meditation sitting at the feet of several Gurus in the lap of the Himalayas for more then two decades. He obtained also this ancient wisdom from the great Siddhayogi of Siddhaashram, Tibet, from 2012 years old Maharishi Matang and from Sri Purnananda in Samadhij Pragya (deep awakened meditative conscious state). In this process he has attained super natural powers-Alokik Shaktis.

Dr. Ramesh Paramahamsa has a brilliant academic career also and was awarded Ph.D. on Philosophy of “Shabd Brahman, (Word is God) and its applicability in life and a fellowship by Banaras Hindu University for Post Doctoral Research on Yoga, Tantras and Para – Psychology. His name is mentioned in the famous book by Peter Brent “Godmen of India” published in U.K. 1970 by Penguin.

He has keen interest to impart this ancient knowledge to those who deserve it. He has delivered many lectures in Indian and abroad. He organized the World Conference on Scientific Yoga in 1970. In the same year, he was invited by the Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czechoslovakia. He delivered lectures in famous Universities of Germany & USA. He was invited by the French Centre in Canada. He spent fifteen months in the USA and through lectures he inspired the American people for learning this knowledge. He has a total devotion in the Ancient India’s vast wisdom and Tantra Sadhana. Without any selfish motive, he guided the people of the world.

It has thus been said that a Tantra Scientist is a theurgist and thaumaturgist, alchemist, herbatist, metallurgist, a physician, an astrologer, an astronomer and a Rajnitigya (politician) etc.

By a special Yajna (a ritual before fire) he brought Smt. Indira Gandhi back to power in 1980. Mrs. Gandhi was present in the Yajna. He saved Sri M.G. Ramachandran, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu by an another Yagna at Madras on 27th Oct 1984. Similarly by special blessing and Yajna he fulfilled the desire of Jenab G.M. Shah of Jammu & Kashmir and he became Chief Minister in quite an unexpected way. In all this his 2005 years old Guru Maharshi Matang is behind him. A Yajna was performed for Chaudhari Charan Singh on Vijay Dashmi day 1978 as ‘Havan’-and he also became Prime Minister of India.

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